Rachel snogs Sara

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  • 6 August 2008

Rachel was upset by kiss

Rachel and Sara shared a passionate kiss. But it was only the puppet versions of the housemates who got intimate after Mikey sexed up the small show - which was acted out yesterday as part of a task.

Big Brother dragged the blind cross dresser - as well as fellow Hell housemates Nicole and Kat out of bed at half hour intervals until 3am to perform.

Growing tired of the repetitive task, Mikey started to make things more interesting by introducing a lesbian relationship storyline.

But straight laced Rachel was unhappy with the scene.

She said: "I'm not impressed with the lesbian jokes, quit it. It's supposed to be true to my character and now my boyfriend is going to think I fancy girls!"

Mikey defended the raunchy act.

He said: "Rachel, you said you wanted some late-night adult action!"

The X-rated play also involved Darnell heading to the bathroom to "spank the monkey" and Stuart ripping his shirt off to argue with Dale over who had the "hottest" body.

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