Mabel inspired by Harry Styles

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  • 11 August 2019


Mabel thinks Harry Styles' positive outlook on life and fame is inspirational

Mabel has "learned a lot" from Harry Styles.

The 23-year-old singer previously supported the One Direction star on tour and thinks his positive outlook is something to emulate.

She said: "He brought the same kind, beautiful energy to every person I saw him meet. I didn't see him have an off day. Sometimes, when I'm feeling anxious or low, I have a tendency to be like, 'Not today'. But I learned a lot on that tour, that we're so lucky. He just has that positivity – it oozes out of him. He's a rock star, he's Mick Jagger."

And Stormzy has been another mentor for the 'Don't Call Me Up' hitmaker.

She told Grazia magazine: "He knew who I was before 'Finders Keepers'. He's always been so kind and supportive, he'd be like, 'You're doing your thing'. "

The 'Fine Line' singer thinks it is "vital" to have female collaborators and finds it frustrating when women are pitted against one another.

She said: "It's all about supporting each other and encouraging other women to be producers and engineers. It's a crazy concept that, as females, we're pitted against each other, like Rihanna or Beyonce, Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. But why would we compete? We're all different. We're all in different lanes. We need to stand together."

Mabel – who is the daughter of singer Neneh Cherry and producer Cameron McVey – was just five years old when she wrote her first song.

She said: "I wrote this love song to a boy in my class. I hadn't figured out how to play chords yet."

Mabel's album High Expectations is available now.


Soulful pop singer-songwriter.

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