Best UK men's shaving subscription services and how to trial them

Best UK men's shaving subscription services and how to trial them

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Gone are the days of over-designed razors sold at top whack prices! There's an affordable razor delivery service for you

In the days of reduce, reuse, recycle, it has never been easier to do your bit and minimise the impact of everyday tasks such as shaving. A job that was once inconvenient, costly and plastic-filled has been re-imagined with these points in mind. Shaving subscription services now deliver fairly priced quality shavings products to your door as and when they are needed.

The benefits of a shaving subscription? Receive the razor of your dreams (it's out there!) and all the blades, pre-shave balms and aftershave you could ever need right to your door at an interval that suits you. To help you on your way some brands offer free shaving subscription trials or money off intro kits. Here are some of the UK's best men's razor subscription services.


This grassroots company started from day one with public backing and, with that in mind, they want to keep customer happiness at the forefront of their service. A Cornerstone subscription is possibly the most personal subscription out there, with choices to be made on all aspects of the service. Sign up and save £10 on your first delivery which features a personalised chrome razor handle, six German-engineered razor blades and additional skincare products.
How to try: Get £10 off your first order.
Blade plan pricing: Approx £7–£8 a month.

Best UK men's shaving subscription services and how to trial them


Grüum have squashed ideas of gender specific products and instead provide exceptional razors and blades to everybody. Simplicity, honesty and fairness in price are at the forefront of grüum's principles. They are a plastic neutral brand who deliver blades as needed for a convenient shaving experience that leaves skin smooth and cared for.

Tailor your razor plan to your facial hair preferences and shaving routine and get a free razor handle with your first delivery. Be sure to check out their skincare range and make use of their free (yes, free!) razor recycling scheme whilst you're at it.
How to try: Tailor your first grüum kit and get a free razor handle.
Blade plan pricing: From £3 a month.

Best UK men's shaving subscription services and how to trial them

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Dollar Shave Club

Born out of California, this club quickly became a hit in the UK. In their own words, Dollar Shave Club provides a 'No hassle. No commitments. No BS' service. What's more, they reward your loyalty, meaning the more you use their products, the more you save. This starts with multi-buy discounts for two or more products.
How to try: Try a starter set for £5.
Blade plan pricing: Approx £3–£8 a month.

FFS Men's

FFS Shaving provide a convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendly subscription service for men. Subscribe to a shave plan and get a brand new razor and fresh new blade heads delivered to you whenever you need them. The new men's black chrome handle is made to be perfectly weighted with an ergonomic design for effective shaving.

FFS are also on a mission to tackle unwanted waste. All deliveries come in recyclable packaging and each razor is made with a reusable metal handle. What about the blade you ask? Well, they can be recycled too with the FFS Blade Recycling Scheme.
How to try: Get the trial pack featuring a razor handle, engraving, blades and more for £9.95
Blade plan pricing: £9.95 per delivery

Best UK men's shaving subscription services and how to trial them


Founders Jeff and Andy built this service to eliminate the frustrations of purchasing over-designed razors at top whack prices without the guarantee of them being any good. Their swish five-blade, German-engineered cartridge offers a close and comfortable shave with blade refills costing as low as £2, as well as a luxury range of face and shaving products to help with the whole process.
How to try: Trial Harry's for free (just pay postage).
Blade plan pricing: Approx £6 a month.

The Personal Barber

A gentlemen's barber experience delivered to your door. The Personal Barber subscription is kicking it old school with a classic safety razor, brush and blade refills as and when you please. Your first box includes a safety razor, shaving brush, soap/cream, blades and even a step-by-step guide. The follow-up refill boxes promise to be full of shaving surprises (balms and more) to keep it interesting and keep your shaves sharp.
How to try: Get 10% off your first box.
Blade plan pricing: Approx £10 a month.

Try FFS men's shaving subscription service for £9.95

Try the all-new men's starter pack for just £9.95 for a limited time only when you subscribe. The bundle is worth over £30 and comes with free delivery.