Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman (2 stars)

Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman

BBC4, Wed 13 Aug, 10pm


Wouldn’t we all love to be handed a camera, go off wandering across the globe on the flimsiest of motives and stick our lens into people’s lives? But most people would at least try to capture some of the fun bits, and avoid filming all of the dullest moments of our conversations. Not here though. Filmed over five, tedious, self-indulgent years, New York-based filmmaker Jennifer Fox trotted around four continents analysing women’s lives and creating some kind of personal voyage of discovery.

The alarm bells should have immediately started ringing when Candace Bushnell described it as ‘required viewing for very woman’. For all this female chit-chatting around the coffee houses, parks and bedrooms of the world is nothing less than a Sex and the City without the constant growling about orgasms and shoes.


1. Ian14 Aug 2008, 3:53am Report

(not going to be spelt right or put right but never going to be read)
have never seen anyone so into them selfes.
have been looked after by muumy and daady.
you self centered arse.
i have never watced so much crap in my life.
watch a proper in depth film..
you are so shit..........

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