Make Me A Christian (3 stars)

Make Me A Christian

Channel 4, Sun 10 Aug, 7pm


While the UK may have been founded on the rock of Christian values, its modern citizens would rather play Pro Evolution Soccer, get paralytically drunk or fritter a week’s earnings away on footwear. But would a return to a more godly way of life help save the nation from its apparently unstoppable decline into the gutter? This series primarily shows just how gigantic a task the bible-botherers have on their hands in convincing some no-nonsense Yorkshire lads and lasses that reading scripture is more important than visiting strippers and Jesus Christ has more to offer than Jimmy Choo.

The volunteers range from a tattooed atheist who disrupts the group with his constant cursing and negativity to a middle class family looking for a way out of their circle of debilitating stress. The opener has the mentors confronting the thorny issue of Leeds-based sin and yet only lasts 50 minutes.


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