Guide to 2019's San Diego Comic-Con exclusives

The best exclusives you can expect from 2019's San Diego Comic Con

The Witcher

A handy summary of all the announcements we believe will blow our collective geeky minds

When summer finally arrives after months of agonising weather, there are certain staples we have come to expect: festivals, blockbuster films, beer gardens, BBQs … and, for the nerdiest among us, convention season. San Diego Comic Con is the mother-load of them all, where several days of camping on the streets to guarantee a seat for some of the most popular panels is a more common occurrence than, say, getting a handful of random flyers thrown at you during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

For those of us living halfway across the globe it can be a serious FOMO situation, but luckily all the best exclusive releases are uploaded online after the panels for the world to see. From television to the big screen and even through the world of gaming, there is definitely something for everyone being announced at the world's largest comic convention, taking place between Wed 17 Jul and Sun 21 Jul.

Here is a round-up of all the biggest news, footage and trailers we are expecting to see coming out of San Diego next week.


The news in the silver screen area will be unfortunately lacking this year, with some of the biggest studios surprisingly skipping their panels. Perhaps the biggest omission from the San Diego programme for 2019 is Warner Brothers, who just last year was one of the big headliners at Hall H. This is a very peculiar decision, as the studio has some big films on their slate for the next year, including Joker (Oct), Wonder Woman 1984 (Jun 2020) and Birds of Prey (Feb 2020). Another studio giving Hall H a miss this year is 20th Century Fox, but the Disney merger easily explains why they might not have much to announce.

Nevertheless, there are still some goodies to expect in the film front, including footage from the new Terminator instalment, Terminator: Dark Fate (Thu), which marks the long-yearned for return of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. Kevin Smith, a comic convention staple, will also take over the biggest hall in the convention centre with a panel on Saturday on his Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, featuring the worldwide premiere of the trailer and some exclusive footage.

The undisputed headliner of the film front of San Diego Comic Con will, without a doubt, be Marvel Studios, with its much-anticipated return after a year's absence. Kevin Feige will present the panel, and that's as much information as we have available right now. There are rumours aplenty, but information on Phase 4 of the MCU is essentially guaranteed (which you will appreciate if you were as confused as we were by the post-credit scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home). The Black Widow standalone film is currently in production (hopefully giving Natasha the properly developed arc that she deserves), as is The Eternals, with Angelina Jolie attached to star. Marvel are known for keeping their cards very close to their chest, so we will have to wait until Saturday to find out what they have in store for us.


The popularity of streaming services and the increase of original content means there is some more competition when it comes to taking centre stage with popular TV panels. Netflix is bringing to the table a panel on its upcoming fantasy series The Witcher (Fri), which will hopefully reveal a trailer to set all the doubting voices to rest, and another on its highly anticipated Dark Crystal prequel The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (Fri), with a sneak peak already announced in the programme.

Warner Brothers has a small presence on this front, with a world premiere screening of new series Batwoman (staring Ruby Rose, as seen in the three-episode crossover event between all the CW's DC shows last season) and a pilot screening of Pennyworth, a series showcasing a much-younger-than-we-are-used-to-seeing Alfred Pennyworth well before he became Bruce Wayne's butler, focusing instead on his time working for Bruce's father in 1960s London.

Philip Pullman's award-winning trilogy His Dark Materials is getting an amazing looking new adaptation, this time as a TV series. With a cast including James McAvoy, Dafne Keen (of Logan fame) and Lin-Manuel Miranda, expectations are high, and we are hoping its Thursday panel will bring us a full length trailer.

There is also a place for returning series on the hype train, with an exclusive screening of the Veronica Mars revival taking place on Friday, an early look at what's to come for season three of Westworld (Sat), and an insight at what season four of Emmy Award–winning series Rick and Morty, two years in the making, will bring to its devoted fans.


If you are more interested in what is coming your way gaming-wise, fear not, because Comic-Con also has news for you. The highly popular Monster Hunter franchise is getting a new expansion, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The team behind the fantasy action role-playing game will take fans behind the scenes of the game, and they've even promised a debut or two (Fri). Capcom is being a bit more vague, and they've only announced that they will reveal 'the latest trailers and news' at their panel on Friday, so we will have to wait and see what they have planned for the next year.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated mobile games of the last year, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was finally released in late June after several delays. WB Games San Francisco and Niantic still seem to have a couple of surprises up their sleeves, however, as Friday brings the announcement of future features to be implemented in the game.

Last, but not least, Marvel also takes over the gaming side of the convention with a Marvel Games panel on Thursday. It seems there will be plenty of content to devour here too, with exclusives on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, Marvel's Iron Man VR, Marvel's Avengers and possibly more. The E3 Marvel's Avengers trailer raised some concerns with the fans, so we hope that more details (and possibly footage) will prove them all wrong.