Housemates' wooden performance

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  • 5 August 2008

Rachel revealed the puppet task

Housemates must perform puppet shows for their latest shopping task. Rachel revealed the latest challenge this afternoon (05.08.08, 3.25pm) when she emerged from the Diary Room with the instructions for the traditional Japanese Bunraku theatre.

A series of shows based on the lives of Heavenly housemates must be rehearsed over the next 24 hours.

Nicole was delighted when she saw the puppet stage after chatting with Kat in the bedroom about her love of theatre as a child just minutes earlier.

She said: "Oh my God! It's like a performance!"

The group will be judged on their efforts and final performance tomorrow evening and the results will determine how much they are allowed to spend on shopping.

The contestants were shown a video demonstrating how to control the puppets, while Stuart commented on how hard it was going to be.

The result will determine the size of their grocery shopping budget for the week.

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1. susie5 Aug 2008, 7:09pm Report

come on hell y ou can do it you are doing well loving you kat

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