Keane proud to sound like The Killers on new single

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  • 8 July 2019


Keane singer Tom Chaplin believes their new single 'The Way I Feel' has a "good energy" that's similar to the sound of The Killers

Keane singer Tom Chaplin believes 'The Way I Feel' has a "good energy" and a sound that is similar to The Killers.

The group – also comprised of Tim Rice-Oxley, Richard Hughes and Jesse Quin – disbanded in 2013, a year after releasing their fourth studio LP 'Strangeland'.

At the beginning of 2019, the group decided to reunite and frontman Tom has revealed that their single, which is from their much-anticipated comeback album 'Cause and Effect' set to be released in September, has a sound that could be compared to the 'When You Were Young' hitmakers because the group simply wanted to make a record that their fans wouldn't "expect" from them.

Tom said: "I remember saying when I first heard the first demo that it was quite Killers-y. That's a good energy to have, right?"

In an interview with NME, Richard added: "From a song point of view I would imagine not because Tim is quite instinctive when he writes. From a production point of view, we just went into the studio wanting to be pushed by our producer, David Kosten, and to not sound like you would expect the next Keane record to sound, or to not sit back and do the things we would have done before.

"So we're huge Killers fans, and as Tom says, they have such a good energy in their music so it's a good reference."

Keane had 30 songs to choose from when it came to deciding what would make the cut for their fifth studio album, and Richard admitted it is a "cohesive" project about bandmate Tim's divorce from his ex-wife Jayne Rice-Oxley and Tom's well-documented struggles with addiction.

Richard added: "It's not a story in chronological order, like a full-on concept album, but it is cohesive.

"And when we were talking about the tracklisting, when we were even talking about which songs to record out of the 30 or so that we had, Tom especially was absolutely categorical about certain songs that had to be on there because of the part they represented in what the record is about, it's about a very complicated, horrible, dark situation that Tim's life has ended up facing. So yeah, it absolutely is an album."

The band are now putting the finishing touches to their first album in six years, and after frontman Tom admitted he would need to repair his relationship with bandmate Tim, it was recently revealed that they put their differences aside to hit the studio to make new music because they work better "together" rather than solo.

Tom continued: "Both Tim and I would accept that we are better together than apart. I'm very proud of my solo stuff but I know I'm never gonna be as good a songwriter as Tim – that's just a fact. He's an incredible songwriter and has written quite a few classic songs, so I'm in no doubt about that. I mean, I enjoyed writing songs, and I still do, it's a great outlet for my creativity, but I think, yes, the combination of the two of us together, we've been able to do something we could never have achieved going down separate lines."

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