Aereogramme - album review (5 stars)


My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go (Chemikal Underground)


The sound of a band fulfilling their potential is always a heart-warming thing, and so it is with Aereogramme. This third full-length album sees the band moving onto a whole new level of accomplishment, transforming them in the process from talented post-rocking underachievers into extraordinarily ambitious purveyors of truly epic rock music.

Similarly to Snow Patrol before them, Aereogramme just seemed to have clicked into gear suddenly, and while My Heart . . . doesn’t have Snow Patrol’s level of mainstream appeal, it will undoubtedly win over a host of new fans.

Previous releases from the band always contained plenty of ideas and showed much heart, but were occasionally lacking in coherency and execution. Not so here. My Heart . . . is a remarkable collection of cinematic, touching and expansive songs with a melancholic dignity and elegance about them which is at times nothing short of jaw-dropping.

To a large extent, much of the head-crushing heaviness and extreme dynamics of old have been replaced by an orchestral majesty, at times reminiscent of The Delgados in their prime. Like Mogwai, Aereogramme have widened their instrumentation to create new, vibrant textures, and hypnotic, poignant piano lines thread throughout the record giving it a wonderful sharpness and immediacy.

Easily matching this musical advance is frontman Craig B’s heartbreaking voice and beautifully sad lyrics. The likes of ‘Barriers’ and ‘A Life Worth Living’ are desperately moving, yet tinged with just enough hope to keep you going. All of which makes My Heart . . . an exceptional record, and the first great album of 2007.

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