Darnell makes peace

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  • 5 August 2008

Friends again: Darnell and Sara

Darnell made up with Sara this morning (05.08.08). The sulky songwriter refused to talk to his formerly close pal yesterday after feeling so embarrassed when she left his bed to sleep with Stuart.

He has also been regretful about a comment he made relating to the heart on Sara's t-shirt looking like an arrow pointing south.

But he decided to clear the air this morning when he asked his fellow housemates to leave the pair to talk things through.

Sara said: "I'm so excited that you are speaking to me again."

But before the Aussie could show him how much she missed him, Darnell warned her not to get too close.

She said: "I don't want to be here if you can't look me in the eyes."

The US rapper said he was "humiliated" when she left him for hunky Stuart.

He said: "That was the worst thing ever, dude."

Sara replied: "Is that it? Oh babe! I didn't see it like that. You take things too seriously."

The pair ended the chat with a hug.

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1. susie5 Aug 2008, 7:03pm Report

good on you darnell goes to show you do have a heart but for her she didnt say sorry did she i dont like her

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