Bastille's new album looks at social media addiction

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  • 16 June 2019


Bastille recently released their third studio album 'Doom Days' and frontman Dan Smith says the record holds "a mirror up to what's going on"

Bastille's new album explores the complex "relationship with our phones".

The indie band – comprised of Dan Smith, Kyle Simmons, Will Farquarson and Chris Wood – recently released their third studio album 'Doom Days' and frontman Dan, 32, has revealed that the group wanted the record to hold "a mirror up to what's going on" in society now, especially the relationship people have with technology.

In an interview with Australian website Music Feeds, he said: "I think music and all forms of art should be holding a mirror up to what's going on. We wanted this album to feel of its time. I wanted to talk about our relationships with our phones and with the truth and how complicated that is. We have this thing in our hands that's a portal to all of the information in the world and somehow it's seemed to have gone to the sourest, darkest form of itself while also being this amazing thing."

The 'Pompeii' hitmaker went on to explain that although the album will take a look at the darker side of social media, they still want their songs to feel "fun to listen to" as well as admitting that the band themselves aren't exempt from being "addicted" to their smartphones

He said: "I guess we wanted to throw all of that out there and acknowledge our hypocrisies. We can all acknowledge that we're a bit addicted to our phones but I think we're all a bit guilty of it.

"I just wanted to jumble all of that into an album that is kinda fun to listen to. We wanted to write it in a way that hopefully, you don't feel like you're being hit over the head with these things, but I do think it's important, if you're making pop music, for it to aspire to say something; or at least provoke some sort of thought or conversation."


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