Victoria Crowe: 50 Years of Painting

Victoria Crow: 50 Years of Painting

One of Scotland's most important artists gets a major retrospective in the capital this summer

Victoria Crowe's work doesn't shout: it doesn't have to. She may have become one of Scotland's most important artists with very little fanfare, but this is all set to change this summer when she is the subject of a major retrospective at Edinburgh's City Art Centre.

Over three floors, and including more than 150 paintings and drawings, the exhibition is a rare opportunity to see a spectrum of Crowe's work from her 50-year career, and to celebrate her rigorous skills and probing vision.

Her best known work is still 'A Shepherd's Life' (shown at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in 2000), a portrait of her neighbour, Borders shepherd Jenny Armstrong, whom she met after moving to Scotland in 1968. But this is only one strand in a wide-ranging oeuvre.

The former Edinburgh College of Art teacher's work has been compared to poetry in the way it weaves together images and ideas, and consistently asks the deep questions of life. Fusing elements of portraiture, landscape and still life, she pursues philosophical ideas rigorously. Continuing to explore new ways of working, her recent projects have included a film of her paintings to work in parallel with a live performance of Schubert's 'Winterreisse'.

City Art Centre, Edinburgh, until Sun 13 Oct.

Victoria Crowe: 50 Years of Painting

A major retrospective of the work of artist Victoria Crowe, with over 150 paintings from all periods of her career.