High School Musical

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  • 7 August 2008
High School Musical

For those who have been confined to an attic bedroom courtesy of their wicked stepmother for the past few years, High School Musical is a bit like a modern-day version of Grease, only with a feistier heroine who doesn’t have to squeeze into leather, get her hair permed and start smokin’ and talkin’ dirty to get the guy. Young fans of the film, which introduced super-popular basketball star Troy, child genius Gabrielle and the rest of the gang, can go wild in the aisles to their favourite songs. Mums and dads are advised to ‘Get’cha head in the game!’

King’s Theatre, Glasgow, until Sat 16 Aug.

Disney's High School Musical

Based on Disney's Emmy-winning film of the same name, 'High School Musical' tells the story of school students Troy and Gabriella who together try out for lead parts in their school's show.

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