Robbie Morrison, John Burns & Simon Fraser - Nikolai Dante: Sword of the Tsar (3 stars)

Nikolai Dante: Sword of the Tsar



Set in a time after a mythical future Russian revolution, adventurer and rogue Nikolai Dante is one of the most feared men in the land, and that’s just by all the women he inevitably ends up charming into bed. On the way, there are inventive baddies to be fought, including Dante’s dominatrix half-sister Lulu and a race of animal men, while there’s a host of impressive locations to cut a swathe through with his ‘cyberorganic’ sword and weaponry.

The series, which has run in Britcomic 2000AD since 1997, is epic to the degree of being a little tricky to jump into midway: this is the seventh collection. Yet, its originally brief, six-page installments mean the strip is also grippingly packed with a wealth of great ideas, like a risqué boy’s own adventure, while the artistic styles of Dante’s visual creator Simon Fraser and painterly veteran John Burns are a sheer joy.

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