Mark Borkowski - The Fame Formula (4 stars)

Mark Borkowski - The Fame Formula

(Sidgwick & Jackson)


Behind every great celebrity is a brilliant publicist. It’s this remarkable breed which is examined by Mark Borkowski, an experienced PR man himself, as he takes us back through the modern history of fame and sheds light on the faceless gurus who steer unruly clients and shape public perception. Going back to the early days of Hollywood, an industry born from the grimy world of burlesque and vaudeville, we’re presented with samples of cunning plots, from freak circus tricks to coping with sex scandals.

Packed full of fascinating anecdotes and eccentric characters, The Fame Formula is a healthy mixture of entertainment and well-researched, well-written history. Although some sections run into drier territory, Borkowski soon whips up the pace with a glimpse of the golden leashes used on modern celebrities and wannabes, concluding with an actual formula for fame.

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