Kate Atkinson - When Will There Be Good News? (4 stars)

Kate Atkinson - When Will There Be Good News?



‘A coincidence is just an explanation waiting to happen.’ So says tongue-in-cheek Jackson Brodie, Kate Atkinson’s ex-army, ex-police, sort-of private investigator in a third fictional outing, neatly encapsulating the appeal of this delightful and consummate piece of crime writing. Coincidences, crossovers and conundrums lace this multi-layered plot, weaving together half a dozen storylines and leaving the reader gasping at both Atkinson’s skill and the bizarre way of the world.

Brodie is in a train crash and saved by Reggie, 16-year-old nanny for Joanne Hunter, the only survivor of an unspeakable crime years before, the perpetrator of which has just been released from prison and just so happens to be on that train. Joanne goes missing and Reggie, Brodie and former squeeze Chief Inspector Louise Munroe get dragged into a situation that manages to be both utterly believable and completely insane at the same time. Unconventional and thrilling crime fiction at its best.

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