My Comedy Hero: Eleanor Conway on The Mary Whitehouse Experience and Absolutely Fabulous

My Comedy Hero: Eleanor Conway on The Mary Whitehouse Experience, Bottom and Absolutely Fabulous

The Walk of Shame comic discusses dated dairy references and the importance of behaving badly

At school, we'd eagerly await a new episode of The Mary Whitehouse Experience and the morning after would run up to each other shouting 'milky milky' in people's faces: it still makes me laugh now. The only reason I now don't do it as an adult, I think, is that no one would get the reference and I'd just be a random lady on a bus shouting about dairy products to strangers.

That show was famous for its catchphrases and the thought of pointing at a random object and saying slyly to another person 'see that, that's you that is' still makes me snort. The 90s were a fine time for silly, extreme comedy in a way that I'm not sure you could do now. Watching grown men smash the shit out of each other on Bottom was inherently funny to me, and I often wondered how it was allowed on TV. It wouldn't be now, that's for sure.

Absolutely Fabulous was also pivotal for me; it was the first time I'd really seen women behaving badly and being celebrated for it. Personally, I'm pretty sure I embodied some of Patsy through my early adulthood. I really sit in the space of women behaving badly and not being ashamed of it. I think often, as women, we are only encouraged to be a 'little bit' naughty, in a coquettish way, but Patsy slathered the bad behaviour on and we loved her for it. That for sure has definitely stayed with me, especially while writing Walk of Shame: Reality Bites, a show about sober, sexual boundaries and how I don't have any.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Sat 8 Jun; The Stand, Glasgow, Sun 9 Jun.

Eleanor Conway: Walk of Shame 2

Sequel to Conway's Walk of Shame which follows what happens when you stop chasing the 'perfect' version of yourself.

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