UNKLE - End Titles . . . Stories for Film (3 stars)

UNKLE - End Titles . . . Stories for Film

(Surrender All)


James Lavelle has been joined by Pablo Clements (The Psychonauts) for the latest incarnation of UNKLE. Collecting music scores and soundtrack work End Titles . . . seamlessly drifts from grungy dance beats to almost classical instrumentals.

The music is as influenced by the likes of Radiohead and stoner rock as dance culture. Names like Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Chris Goss (Kyuss), Black Mountain and even director Abel Ferrara (Driller Killer/Bad Lieutenant) jostle for space providing guest vocals. But it is acoustic artist Gavin Clark, who appears on five tracks, that anchors the album with his low-key emotive vocals.

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