Various - Antipodean Screams (4 stars)

Antipodean Screams

(Off the Hip Records)


Australians are famous for many things but the quality of their underground garage rock is not one of them. This fact is a travesty, as this mammoth double CD slice of cherry pie will attest. At right angles to fashion or fad, these bands prevail in their own fertile underworld, knocking out adrenalised rock’n’roll in all its shapes and colours with furious abandon.

Those who turn their snouts up at this kind of unashamed retroism are being short sighted, this music is as vital and valid as any contemporary artist, the likes of Ian Brown or The Verve ape their bygone age also, arguably with less effect. Most of these bands featured will barely get beyond the basements they currently dwell in, but that doesn’t matter, for the greater part, bands like Persian Rugs, The Booby Traps, The Shimmys and The Pink Fits do this for the buzz, not the fame and fortune ego trip - something that makes their music sound all the more fresh and exhilarating.

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