Miles Kane: 'They're quite melancholy songs but over punk music, imagine if Roy Orbison and The Ramones were brothers'

Miles Kane: 'They're quite melancholy songs but over punk music, imagine if Roy Orbison and The Ramones were brothers'

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Indie rock frontman talks Last Shadow Puppets, Lana Del Rey and wrestling

Miles Kane first troubled the charts with indie scamps the Rascals before sealing his retro rock credentials through his collaboration with Arctic Monkeys' frontman Alex Turner as the Last Shadow Puppets. Debut album The Age of the Understatement (2008) was a sweeping mix of strings and Scott Walker influences that picked up a Mercury Prize nomination.

After Turner returned to his day job, Miles focused on his solo material; a mix of orchestral pop and punk swagger as showcased on 2011's Colour of the Trap, which featured a guest spot from Noel Gallagher, as well as writing credits from Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) and best bud Turner. Now back with his third solo album Coup de Grace, we catch up with him ahead of his UK tour and festival dates for summer 2019.

How would you describe your own music?
It's just high energy, honest rock'n'roll, with lyrics about my experiences and my feelings. They're quite melancholy songs but over punk music, imagine if Roy Orbison and The Ramones were brothers.

How do you feel Coup de Grace fits into your discography?
Every album you make is a chapter in your life, you want it to be a progression, whether it's the music, lyrics or style, you want it to be a step on from the last one. It just felt like a very honest, fun record and it feels great to play live.

Jamie T has a co-writer's credit on seven of the ten tracks on Coup de Grace. Did you enjoy working with him?
Amazing. I couldn't have made it without him. When we were sifting through the demos it was [title track] 'Coup de Grace' and 'Silverscreen' that really turned him on, because at that point I couldn't tell what was good and what was shit. I needed that focus, it was working together that brought it all together, it started to flow.

It's good for me to be around people, I just find it more fun and I think the songs are better as a result of that.

Lana Del Rey gets a credit on 'Loaded': how did that come about?
She was great. I met her at a Jamie T gig in LA; she said, 'what are you up to this week?' and I said 'we're writing at my little apartment' and the next day she came over. It was literally as simple as that.

Wrestling was an unlikely influence on the album.
I never grew out of it, it's like my Coronation Street. I enjoy the over-the-top-ness and the ridiculousness of it all. I'm really into it and I get quite geeky about it.

If you watch the video for 'Cry On My Guitar', the guy that I'm fighting [WWE wrestler Finn Bálor] is the guy whose finishing manoeuvre is called the coup de grace. So it all links in very nicely.

You've already worked with some amazing musicians and artists, is there anyone you'd still like to collaborate with?
Anything that has happened from day one has just happened rather than being set up. Though I would like to work with the Pet Shop Boys, I've been listening to a lot of them recently.

Was it easy to return to solo work after 2016's Last Shadow Puppets album Everything You've Come to Expect?
It took me a while, adjusting, I did get in a bit of a funk after the Puppets thing. It took me a minute to get centred again.

Why do you think you work so well with Turner?
It started as a friends thing first, that's why, sharing a [tour] bus together when we were young. And from that friendship the music and tunes started.

What's next? When can we expect any new music?
We're busy until September but I want to keep on rolling. I'm writing at the moment and I don't really want a gap before the next album, I really want to get some new songs out pretty soon.

Miles Kane plays SWG3, Glasgow, Fri 7 Jun.

Miles Kane

Indie rock swagger from the charismatic Rascals frontman who reached for his inner Scott Walker with Arctic Monkey Alex Turner in The Last Shadow Puppets.

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