Mark Making: Perspectives on Drawing (4 stars)

Mark Making: Perspectives on Drawing

L-R: Ross Hamilton Frew, Lois Green, Erica Eyres, Gregor Wright

Common themes merge six artists in GoMA's new exhibition of contemporary drawing

Six artists, buddied up into duos across three rooms, draw here from their very singular world-views. Yet somehow you can find a through line running across them all. Both Erica Eyres and Jonathan Owen draw from found images, Eyres copying from photographs in 1970s naturist magazines, Owen's 'eraser drawings' rubbing out movie stars from classic film scenes, so all that is left is the background. Where Owen's images are existentially bereft, with Eyres, the joy comes, not through sex, but the everyday mundanity of chilling in the pool, waking up and smelling the roses, and of barbecues in the sun.

The coloured line drawings of bodies in motion by France-Lise McGurn bend, stretch and dance their way through the frame with a classicist retro air. In contrast, Lois Green's postcard-sized black and white still lives peer surreptitiously into unoccupied rooms, where dirty dishes and rumpled bedclothes have been left in haste. Only in two pieces is that gaze returned, peering out onto trees or a river at dusk.

Gregor Wright's digital drawings on large flat-screen TVs leant are dreamy collages of pink-hued worlds, where triangles and moons orbit around each other into some fifth dimension. Ross Hamilton Frew's opaque amalgams of words and images are reimagined from second-hand books, with evocative Zen-noir narratives sketching out what probably won't be the last word on pen, ink and everything in between.

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, until Sun 20 Oct.

Mark Making: Perspectives on Drawing

Work by six contemporary artists who view drawing as central to their practice: Erica Eyres, France-Lise McGurn, Gregor Wright, Jonathan Owen, Lois Green and Ross Hamilton Frew.

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