Jess Glynne: Writing music is like therapy for me

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  • 31 May 2019
Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne has revealed that "writing music" is "like therapy" for her, and insisted that she pens her own tracks to "express herself" and find the "process" healing

Jess Glynne says "writing music" is "like therapy" for her.

The 29-year-old singer says songwriting helps her process her feelings and emotions and when she expresses herself in words she finds the whole process a healing one.

In an interview on BBC Radio 2, she said: "The moment I got in the studio and started making music everything changed ... The reason I write music, it's kind of like a therapy for me, it's my way of expressing myself."

Jess also opened up on her song 'Thursday', which has an underlying message of self-love, and revealed that she was determined to release the track as a single because it had a massive "impact" on her own life.

She explained: "I think for me, it had a mad impact on me, genuinely, and my personal life when I wrote that song. It was so honest and so raw and the only reason I wrote it this song is that I really wanted it to resonate, and with girls especially, considering the amount of pressure they put on themselves through social media."

The 'All I Am' hitmaker also insisted that she feels "reassured" that she is able to talk about her own "insecurities" through her songs because the music industry can affect your confidence and mental health.

She said: "The industry that I work in though, it gives you a lot of insecurities and self-doubt, and it's quite reassuring to know that somebody like myself for others have definitely been able to talk about it."

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