Josephine Partridge on Hormonal Housewives: 'It's all about friendship and acceptance, and we can see that translating to the audience'

Hormonal Housewives

credit: Darren Bell

Lively sketch-based theatre that looks at contemporary women's lives live on stage

Hormonal Housewives is a rare production, concentrating not on the esoteric anxieties of usurping kings or tragic protagonists; it takes a bold and revealing look at contemporary women's lives. From sex to celebrity gossip, its cast of familiar actors offer a funny and heartfelt alternative to the theatrical dominance of Shakespeare, Ibsen and other dead white male playwrights.

Yet, for Josephine Partridge, who has joined the cast (completed by Vicki Michelle and Julie Coombe) for its national tour, there is an immediacy and energy that comes through the fast-paced broad humour. 'The audiences have been incredible,' she says. 'We are in constant awe of the response we get. There is something profoundly moving and humbling seeing that many women weeping with laughter at various points. It is such an uplifting and empowering show; it's all about friendship and acceptance, and we can see that translating to the audience. It's just amazing to see them leaving with an added air of confidence.'

With its lively atmosphere and sketch-based scenes, Hormonal Housewives is an unpretentious reminder of theatre's immediacy and intimacy. Partridge describes the production as 'just three mates having a night in my living room sharing our experiences and conversations with hundreds of other women (and the odd man!).' Its refusal to bow to politeness – nothing is taboo in the back and forth of the three characters – and willingness to discuss those awkward subjects through humour and fun make Hormonal Housewives a night of celebration as much as drama.

Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Sun 2 Jun, and touring.

Hormonal Housewives

Join Vicki Michelle and the Hormonal Housewives in an evening all about the challenges of modern womanhood.