Billie Eilish always disrupts her sleep when she gets a song idea

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  • 29 May 2019
Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish's songs often come to her in her sleep and she will always jump out of bed no matter what the time is to work on lyrics from her "crazy dreams" and thoughts

Billie Eilish disturbs her sleep whenever she gets an idea for a song.

The 'Bury Your Friend' hitmaker has opened up about her creative process for the hit single and explained that often her inspiration comes in the middle of the night when she is having a "crazy dream" or thoughts, and she always jumps out of bed and writes what is on her mind.

Speaking in a video interview for YouTube's 'Artist Spotlight Stories', she said: "When I have a crazy dream or if I just have a thought in the middle of the night, I'll sit up, whether the light is on or whether the light is off, I'll sit up and i'll just write whatever I'm thinking or whatever I just dreamt about."

The 17-year-old pop phenomenon – who released her debut album 'When We All For Asleep, Where Do We Go? in March to critical acclaim – takes every aspect of her art very seriously from the artwork to the music videos.

Showing the wall she has written and drawn designs on after being inspired, which features in the promo for 'Bury Your Friend', she said: "I just need people to know how important this s*** is to me.

"Everything goes together."

Meanwhile, Billie recently admitted she is grateful for Ariana Grande's advice.

The 'Bad Guy' singer feels blessed to have the 'God is a Woman' hitmaker as her friend to help her deal with the ins and outs of stardom.

She said: "Ariana is a f***ing king! Like a king. She is just so ... God, man, and the s**t that she's been through. I don't know if I have respect for anyone like I have for her, honestly. You can just tell she knows what the f**k she's doing, and even if she doesn't realise it, she knows what the f**k she's doing. And it's really impressive. She just deals with it so well. It's so impressive."

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