Sonica: Cryptic reveal full 2019 programme for sonic arts festival

Sonica: Cryptic reveal full 2019 programme for sonic arts festival

Max Cooper's Aether

Prepare for your 'senses to be ravished' at the festival of visual sonic arts, presenting works from Max Cooper, Ella Orleans and many more

Cryptic's festival of visual sonic arts, Sonica, will celebrate its fifth edition this year and has announced its full programme ahead of the event. For eleven days from Thursday 31 October to Sunday 10 November, venues across Glasgow will be taken over by a showcase of over 180 performances, installations, workshops, talks and tours from homegrown and international talent.

The festival invites over 30 British artists alongside others from Argentina, Belgium, Catalonia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Québec, Slovenia and Sweden. It will also feature four exclusive world premieres, 13 UK premieres and seven Scottish premieres, which cover broad subjects like the financial market to street art opera.

Since Sonica first launched at Tramway in 2012, the biennial festival has presented over 800 events that have reached an estimated 160,000 people. Cryptic, the creative minds behind the festival, are a Glasgow-based art house who aim to innovate and nurture the creatives of tomorrow. This year, the company celebrate 25 years of 'ravishing the senses'.

Highlights from the programme include the opening work Aether from Max Cooper at Tramway. The immersive audiovisual work involves thousands of dangling threads with moving points of light combined with an electronic music performance from Cooper in collaboration with Architecture Social Club. Over at the Lighthouse, Japanese sound artist, designer and electronic musician Yuri Suzuki from Pentagram shows his new solo exhibition Furniture Music. It explores sound design in contemporary culture and involves singing kettles and musical washing machines.

Elsewhere, Glasgow-based musician Ella Orleans presents the world premiere of Night Voyager which marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landings. It blends work by 18th-century poet Edward Young, NASA's 1969 archive and Orleans' music. Finally, a new venue will also be a part of this year's festival. The Engine Works opened as an events space last year and will host a site-specific listening experience by Japan's AUSNA's 100 Keyboards. It consists of the manipulation of 100 battery-operated analogue keyboards that create sonic textures from every direction.

Sonica, Thu 31 Oct–Sun 10 Nov,