Mark Hamill was delighted to join Child's Play cast as Chucky

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  • 25 May 2019
Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

'Star Wars' star Mark Hamill was "super excited" to be cast in 'Child's Play', and director Lars Klevberg has heaped praise on the actor's talent and professionalism

Mark Hamill was "super excited" to be cast in 'Child's Play'.

The 'Star Wars' actor was delighted to be asked to voice murderous doll Chucky in the upcoming reboot of the horror franchise, and he has been praised by director Lars Klevberg for his "super-professional" attitude to work.

Lars told SFX magazine: "He loved the story. Mark was super excited to be a part of it. He watched all the 'Child's Play' movies back-to-back when he agreed to take on the part. He was super-professional and really into it."

The director admitted he didn't even expect the 67-year-old actor to agree to be involved in the film, even though he was his first choice for the voice role.

He said: "Mark was the first one we wanted. We wanted someone who was able to craft a character that you can connect to.

"I also knew his work as a voice actor, especially his take on the Joker. When we reached out to him, we didn't expect it to lead to anything. But he jumped on it immediately."

The contemporary twist on the saga sees Chucky as a high-tech artificial intelligence (AI) toy who has a glitch in his programming that allows him to take control of technology with horrific consequences and the filmmaker thought it made for a fascinating way to tell the tale.

He added: "I learned early on that there wasn't any voodoo involved, that it was an AI concept.

"It was interesting how we could tie that into Chucky's arc and his transition throughout the movie...

"He's capable of connecting to different products from the Kaslan Corporation, which allows us to be more creative in how he puts people down. We really wanted to stick within the horror and gore in this one. We're not holding back."

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