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The Dispatch

Vic Galloway is bracing himself for the torrents of new musical talent set to be unleashed in 2007

In my first column of 2007, it seems only right to join the tipsters of the world and look forward to the remaining 11 and a half months with a selection of ‘ones to watch’. The Scottish music scene is in extremely good health, and as usual, away from the homogenised hordes and blinkered fashionistas, music is as diverse and potent as ever when people are given the chance to develop their own ideas. There seems to be everything from the funked-up, 80s-inspired grooves of Calvin Harris; psychedelic anthems courtesy of The Aliens; literate prog-punk from Clean George IV or stadium-sized synth rock from The Dykeenies and Drive-by Argument. New indie heroes are still arriving, of course, with 1990s, Popup and Malcolm Middleton looking forward to excellent album releases, and you can get your annual dose of mutant-science punk rock from We Are the Physics if you so desire. The unclassifiable tag happily goes to a long list of artists including names like Isosceles, Invisibles and Errors, who are all thinking outside the box using technology and guitars.

As the start of the year, ‘package’ tours hit the road resembling mini travelling festivals. It’ll be exciting to see the mighty Biffy Clyro headline Kerrang’s four-band bill, The View play second top on NME’s Indie ‘Rock’ tour and NME’s Indie ‘Rave’ tour looks pretty good too.

All the musos mentioned are, of course, heartily endorsed by yours truly and well worth closer examination, especially if that Christmas copy of Westlife’s Greatest Hits is still lying unopened in shrink-wrap! If you want more names to investigate check my BBC or myspace websites (www.myspace.com/vicgallowayr1) or better still, listen in each week and make your own minds up. The hills are alive, with the sound of . . .

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