The Kaiser Chiefs announce new album Duck

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 May 2019
Ricky of the Kaiser Chiefs at Cornbury Festival

Ricky Wilson

The Kaiser Chiefs have announced a new album, 'Duck', and a new single 'Record Collection'

The Kaiser Chiefs have announced a new album, 'Duck'.

The rock band – fronted by Ricky Wilson – have confirmed the new LP will be unveiled on July 26, their first studio effort since 2016's 'Stay Together'.

The release of the album will be preceded by their new single 'Record Collection', which Ricky has described as "undeniably Kaiser Chiefs".

Speaking on Radio X, where the song got its first play on Thursday morning (23.05.19), he said: "It's undeniably fantastic and undeniably Kaiser Chiefs. It came quickly. It's a vibe. It's about the internet and frustration with the internet, about how it rules our lives but we don't really understand what it is and how we just click accept."

Meanwhile, Ricky previously insisted he doesn't have a "particularly stressful" job.

He said: "It's not like we have a particularly stressful job. It's just writing songs and recording them. It's nice to have a few days at the weekend to let your hair down and play a gig or two. Not only that but you get a dressing room with loads of free beer.

"It's weird. Because I'm super excited about the record, I'm thinking about that less and less. A lot of people get carried away with it. You see it all the time. They end up doing things they don't really want to do because they think that they have to. Nick [Hodgson], who used to be in the band gave me some good advice once. He said, 'If you're not 100% sure about something then you shouldn't do it.'"

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