Sara's vote confession

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  • 4 August 2008

Sara revealed her nomination habits

Sara told Rex she has been nominating Rachel and Mohamed. The pair used Sara's token - which Darnell gave to her as a gift after discovering it in the store room - to have a secret chat in the nomination pod and chose Rex to join her.

The arrogant chef asked who Sara had been nominating in the past and she confessed she had voted for Rachel and Mohamed every week.

Rex laughed: "Oh my God, and they're still here! So you're gonna give up on that one then?"

The wealthy playboy went on to stab pals Dale and Stu in the back.

He said: "I've just gone round and round and round the houses with all different people. But I think this week, to be fair, we should nominate Dale and Stu."

But Sara was shocked by the suggestion, saying she had no reason to nominate the pair.

She said: "But I've got no reasons. Is that what's everyone's gonna do? I know they both really wanna go..."

Rex replied: "That's a good enough reason."

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