Couple make up

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 August 2008

Rex had his teeth brushed by Nicole

Rex and Nicole made up after their first row in the house last night (03.08.08). The lovers argued when Rex made a critical comment about one of Nicole's friends on the outside, prompting the student to tell the chef he had done "triple worse" to her.

Nicole has been hinting she is aware of Rex's alleged affair with a stripper, which she only found out after her boyfriend entered the house, and told him she needed to talk about things which were "not good".

But the pair soon settled their differences when they cleaned each other's teeth over the divide.

He said: "It is so weird brushing someone else's teeth."

Darnell said the pair were "so adorable it's unbearable".

Earlier, the pair joined the rest of the house in donning leotards for a dance workout to 80s music.

Sara said: "I love this. It's the most amazing day ever."

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