Rex's private screening

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  • 4 August 2008

Rex and Nicole kiss

Rex watched his personal profile video with Nicole last night (03.08.08). The lovebirds settled down to watch the short film, made before Rex entered the 'Big Brother' house after Rex was awarded a special token.

The arrogant chef said he was really pleased with the way he came across on the tape while his student girlfriend said it was "great".

Earlier, the lovebirds threatened to walk out of the house if Big Brother continued to separate them.

The pair had attempted to purposefully fail the challenge which decides who goes into Heaven or Hell.

But after the bumbling chef recited the alphabet backwards in just two and a half minutes, the couple were forced to stay apart for at least another week.

Rex did not take the news very well and kicked the divide in anger.

He shouted: Oh for f**k's sake!"

The pair then told Big Brother they would quit the show if Nicole was not given her suitcase and they were not properly reunited.

The arrogant bully has also told Big Brother their decision to bring Nicole onto the show could mean he will lose his girlfriend on national TV.

He said: "That f***ing sucks."

The pair's relationship has shown signs of cracking and Nicole has hinted at her knowledge of Rex's alleged affair and the revelation of his sordid sexual past.

Letters from home

Housemates received letters from home last night, except for Rachel who forfeited hers.

Housemates received letters from home yesterday (03.08.08).

The emotional Angels wept as they were read kind messages from home by the Hell housemates, who had to find the letters in a pile of empty envelopes.

But the unfortunate mail sorters soon got their turn when Head of House Rachel forfeited her own letter so they could read theirs.

She said: "There's no way I could stay in here read that and then walk out that door and not say anything."

Lisa - who tried to escape the house by breaking down a fire exit door at the weekend - broke down in tears when a note from boyfriend and former housemate Mario was read out.

It said: "I'm missing you lots and lots and I'm really proud of you."

Rex's dad wrote: "You are a very impressive young man. Hurry home, but not too fast."

Stuart could not hold back the tears when a letter from his daughter Mia told him how much she missed him while Mo listened to a letter from his brother.

Sara and Darnel received kind words from friends while the others sat listening attentively to their post.

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