Wizard P. Diddy

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 August 2008

Wizard P. Diddy

P. Diddy says he is like the Wizard of Oz.

The rapper - who stars in new reality TV show 'I Want to Work for Diddy', which follows his search for a new assistant - boasts the final 13 candidates were willing to do anything to be hired by him.

He said: "They had to fight to get to me. To get to me is like getting to the Wizard of Oz. They had to prove themselves. They had to walk down the yellow-brick road.

"But the show isn't about just seeing if I could find someone to work for me. It's about people chasing their dreams. I don't say it in a cocky way, but I take pride in being one of the best at doing what I do."

Diddy, who also produces MTV reality shows 'Run's House' and 'Making the Band', revealed he now plans to conquer the world of television.

He added: "It's all part of my strategic plan to take over TV - Diddy TV."

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