World Beneath my Feet

Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 19-Fri 26 Jan


Where we grow up, and the landscape that surrounds us, plays a big part in who we are. Putting that into words, however, isn’t always easy. Which is why Giant, the Glasgow-based art organisation, gave children another way to express themselves.

Visiting three primary schools across Scotland, Giant’s team of visual artists introduced 70 children to drawing, sculpture, projection and animation. Using a range of natural and manmade materials, the children were able to explore how they felt about the world around them. With all three schools based in diverse areas, the results have formed a fascinating exhibition due to run at Glasgow’s Tramway.

‘We worked with primary schools in three different environmental settings,’ explains Christine Muir of Giant. ‘A coastal school in Dumfries & Galloway, a rural school in South Lanarkshire and an urban school in Glasgow. All three schools were in constant communication with each other, through e-mails, postcards and a blog site.’

With their school situated next to a beach, the pupils in Dumfries & Galloway had rich pickings right on their doorstep. In South Lanarkshire they headed for a nearby forest, while Glasgow children focused their attention on their playground and the buildings that surround them. Showcasing some of the most interesting work created during the project, World Beneath My Feet will let adults see the world through the eyes of a child - and give children an insight into another way of life.

But the success of the project is best summed up by one South Lanarkshire pupil, who said ‘Going to the woods and exploring was the best thing we did. But everything was brilliant, I liked every minute of it.’

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