Heavenly housemates' Rachel moan

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  • 3 August 2008


The heavenly housemates moaned about Rachel this morning. As the new Head of the 'Big Brother' house went to the Diary Room, Lisa, Sara, Dale and Stuart jumped at the chance to bitch about her.

Dale laughed: "I don't think Rachel's going to have a good time being Head of House."

Talking about how angry Rachel was that she had to keep waking some of the heavenly housemates, Stuart said: "She's not having a good time so far. She's proper annoyed."

Dale added: "She had a good go at me! She went, 'Dale, get up now!' Like, proper with an angry face. Cheek! I wasn't even asleep."

Stuart muttered: "She still throws quite a lot of digs at me."

A shocked Sara said: "Like what?! Give me an example!"

Stuart announced: "Last week I was going on about missing my daughter and she went, 'Oh get over it - you're in the 'Big Brother' house."

Sara yelled: "Nooooooo!"

Referring to when she broke through a fire exit to escape the house on Friday, Lisa added: "She said to me the other night when I come out, 'I wasn't bothered that you'd gone. I was glad.' "

In a separate chat, Lisa and Sara agreed Rachel would find her role as leader "difficult".

Lisa said: "She's avoided doing anything like the shopping tasks or anything like that because it does cause rows."

Sara responded: "I think the shopping is the least of what she's worried about. It's more when she's got big decisions to make.

"When you make those big decisions there's going to be people you're leaving out and that's not in her nature. She wants everyone to be happy and for it to be fair, but this isn't fair. Because it's Heaven and Hell."

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