Angry Rachel

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 August 2008


Rachel got angry at some of the heavenly housemates this morning. Head of the 'Big Brother' House Rachel was furious with the heavenly boys - Dale, Stuart, Mohamed, Rex - because they kept sleeping, meaning she was continually tasked with walking them up.

Rachel moaned to former Head of House Darnell: "I want to go for a run but I can't, because these people won't stay awake."

Darnell sympathised, saying: "I took it personal, because I know that people would wake up for some people and not for other people. It's personal."

Minutes later, Rachel attempted to go for a jog in the garden again but was called back into the house be Big Brother to wake slumbering Stuart and Mohamed.

Trying to make Mohamed feel guilty, Rachel said: "Mo can you just sit up babe please? I just want to do a run. If I keep stopping I'm going get injured."

She then accused Mohamed of obeying ever head of House part from her, and said she would have to give up exercising if the boys continued napping.

As she stormed back into the garden, the sleepy boys tried to keep their eyes open.

Stuart then muttered: "I might just have one more kip."

Later, when she had to wake Mohamed again, Rachel fumed: "You want to be a Head of House, but you can't even stay awake!"

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