Kat's Mikey moan

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  • 3 August 2008


Kathreya moaned about Mikey last night. The bubbly masseuse is living on the Hell side of the 'Big Brother' divide along with Mikey and Nicole this week, and is concerned she is going to be left doing all the cooking and cleaning because the others are not pulling their weight.

Moaning she had been forced to do all the chores yesterday, Kat said to Rachel: "Let's see how it is getting on. I'm not going to say anything. Everyone can do it, Mikey can wash up."

Trying to cheer up her friend, Rachel replied: "Yeah, he seemed quite up for that."

Kat replied: "He didn't offer."

After a moment's silence, Rachel said: "Well, just say something."

Kat explained: "No-one offer anything at the moment, but it's only the first day. It's fine. I take the first turn. I'm going to wait, let's see how long before anyone offers."

The pair sat in silence before Kat continued: "You know me, I don't like saying anything. If you offer it's good."

Worried for her friend, Rachel commented: "You're not going to cope on your own though Kat."

Kat said: "But we're all grown up. Mikey's 33, Nicole's 19."

Trying to convince her pal to voice her worries, Rachel explained: "I'm sure if you just say- "

Kat refused to let her finished and snapped: "I don't have to say. He's 33, darling. I'm not his mummy, I'm not his girlfriend. I'm only another housemate. Everyone's up to it. It's not my position to say anything right now."

Clearly put in her place, Rachel said: "Yes. We'll see what happens tomorrow."

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1. susie3 Aug 2008, 12:26pm Report

im afraid kat does seem to be doing all the work which isnt fair you can understand mikey but nicole should be pulling her weight

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