Swap fake news for true facts with new Scottish storytelling event

Swap false news for true facts with new Scottish storytelling event

Scottish Storytelling Forum offers an antidote to fake news with new series of events, Storytelling True Facts

Storytelling is everywhere. From the plot of Line of Duty to the article on Iggy Pop you read in your favourite music mag, or the quirky facts on an Innocent Smoothie label – it's all different forms of telling a story. But how often do we link the stories we experience every day with the oral storytelling skills that got us started? Probably not that often. But now the Scottish Storytelling Forum (a membership organisation facilitated by Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland) is here to celebrate one of Scotland's oldest artforms with a new series of events.

That's not to say it will be focused on only traditional tales. In fact, there's often a misconception that storytelling in Scotland is only about the sharing of folk tales, but that's not the whole picture. The renaissance of storytelling is indebted to tradition bearers who have generously shared their art. But storytelling today is a varied spectrum that new audiences across Scotland are tapping into and the Scottish Storytelling Forum (SSF) is right there with them.

Run in collaboration with the Scottish Storytelling Centre, the True Facts events take a different look at the art of telling a tale. Nothing beats the experience of a live storytelling performance, where the story is told person to person, without print or technology. SSF have already had one successful event, on Iconic Women in Music, Art and Literature, and they're now gearing up for their second. This one is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing, so expect all things about discovery and invention.

At each event, storytellers share tales of amazing inventions and discoveries, whilst unearthing an interesting true fact at the heart of their story that aims to get you talking in the pub after. Another nice thing about these events is the fact that audience members and rookie storytellers are encouraged to take part, get up and share a tale themselves, if they fancy it.

Got an interesting true fact to share or up for learning some fascinating nuggets of truth, all wrapped up in entertaining stories? Head along to Storytelling True Facts: Inventions! – and if you'd like a discount on tickets, join the Scottish Storytelling Forum beforehand.

True Facts: Inventions!, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Tue 7 May, 7.30pm.

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