Mayfesto provides 'chances to escape what you already know'

Mayfesto provides 'chances to escape what you already know'

Low Pay? Don't Pay!

Tron's mini-festival of edgy and provocative new work returns with a theme of escapology

Now well established in the Glasgow theatre calendar, Mayfesto promises to engage with contemporary issues, emerging artists and new ways of making performance relevant and exciting. For 2019, the theme of escapology includes a reimagining of Dario Fo's anarchic blast against capitalism, Can't Pay? Won't Pay? from Glasgow's champion of pantomime and cutting comedy, Johnny McKnight (now entitled Low Pay? Don't Pay!, 2–11 May), the return of Woke (15 & 16 May), Apphia Campbell's Fringe-busting exploration of human rights across the generations, and Electrolyte (15–18 May), another Fringe success that examines mental health.

With two artists-in-residence – Eve Nicol and Andy Edwards – Mayfesto is dedicated to supporting new Scottish work, presenting brand new productions for the festival alongside a variety of scratch nights, works-in-progress and rehearsed readings that allow artists to experiment and audiences to experience something of the creative process in action.

True to the festival's identity, this year's programme is a mixture of visiting artists and work produced through the Tron. They're connected by a theatrical energy and enthusiasm for questioning the boundaries of theatre and its potential for discussing ideas that are often simplified by tabloid headlines or party-political blustering. From Noah's ark as a reflection on rising oceans to vigorous analysis of gender roles in relationships, Mayfesto has, as Andy Edwards observes 'dreams, plots and plans. Chances to escape what you already know, but can we return with fresh purpose, open hands, new ideas, ready to go again?'

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Wed 1–Fri 31 May.


Mayfesto celebrates edgy and provocative new work and theatre that focuses on what's going on in the world, responding to recent events.