Head of House Rachel

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 August 2008


Rachel is the new Head of the 'Big Brother' House. The trainee teacher won yesterday's leadership challenge after she recited the alphabet backwards quicker than any of the other contestants.

As the results were read out, Rachel declared: "I'm scared, but I'm ready."

Joining her on the heavenly side of the house are Dale, Rex, Sara, Stuart, Mohamed and Lisa. Mikey, Kathreya and Nicole will all live on the hellish side of the divide.

Sara and Lisa were ecstatic to hear they were moving to Heaven, as neither of them had made it to the luxury area before.

A delighted Sara screeched: "I can't express my excitement! I'm going to Heaven at long last, it's amazing!"

Lisa expressed some surprise that she had made it across, revealing she had taken eight minutes to complete the test.

As the new heavenly housemates began to pack their belongings and move out of Hell, love-sick Dale immediately claimed his crush Jennifer's bed in the luxury bedroom.

Rachel, Dale and Rex all completed the task within two and a half minutes.

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1. susie3 Aug 2008, 12:31pm Report

im glad rach is hoh just as long she doesnt forget her friend kat

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