Victoria Beckham's skin food

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 August 2008
Victorai Beckham

Victoria Beckham's skin food

Victoria Beckham has reportedly been eating specialist Japanese food to combat her acne-prone skin.

The former Spice Girls star - who has three children with husband David - has been gorging on natto, made from fermented soy beans, because its vitamin PPQ content helps fix scarred skin and also increases energy levels.

A source said: "Victoria says natto tastes weird and smells a bit horrible but you only have to eat a small portion to get the benefits. She has just been having two small pots a day, sometimes with rice.

"She has been able to relax her super-strict diet and eat and drink more of what she likes, such as green tea ice-cream and her all-time favourite, champagne! David is very happy about it and Victoria has already noticed a difference - even though she has only eaten it for a couple of weeks."

Victoria is said to be "thrilled" after gaining 8lbs, especially as she and David are trying for another baby, and feels her self-esteem has improved greatly.

The source added: "Victoria's confidence is really growing. She is looking fantastic and so natural that she's comfortable being seen out in the casual Los Angeles look nowadays.

"She feels much more chilled out now and the extra pounds make her look so healthy."

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