Sgàire Wood on the Art School's drag brunch: 'It acts as a platform for all forms of drag'

Drag brunch host Sgàire Wood / c. Matthew Arthur Williams

Performance artist and current entertainments convenor at the Art School talks about the venue's upcoming Drag Brunch

'Glasgow has so much diverse drag talent, but opportunities to see a bit of everything in one show are few and far between', explains Sgàire Wood, the Art School's current entertainments convenor and performance artist in her own right. Sgàire is discussing the Art School's upcoming Drag Brunch event, at which she will play hostess, taking place on Saturday 27 April at the Vic Café Bar. The event confidently describes itself as a daytime drag show that exercises its right to identify as neither breakfast nor lunch.

Launched in November 2018, the Drag Brunch takes place on a bi-monthly basis and is part of wider plans to keep the range of events at The Art School diverse. It takes the form of a brunch-style party and Sgàire tells us that the format has been going on elsewhere in the world for a number of years. You can have something to eat and sip on a cocktail while being entertained by Glasgow's drag talent. 'A Drag Brunch is a really fun opportunity for people to come and see drag and the kind of performance art that you'd normally only find in nightlife spaces during the day, which is great for people who aren't as comfortable with nightclubs or booze-heavy environments. That, and drag is a great hangover cure', states Sgàire.

Saturday's event will feature performances from Frans Gender and Jamie Crewe, as well as hostess Sgàire. Although Frans Gender is already a fixture on the Glasgow drag scene, the Drag Brunch will be her first time performing at The Vic, but Sgàire is confident she'll bring the house down. 'Frans is a really funny, talented queen so I know she'll have everyone gagged.' Jamie Crewe, however, has graced the Art School stage a few times and Sgàire reveals that they have a surprise in store. '[They're] an all-round class act. They're going to be delivering a lip-sync for the first time in a while, so I'm really excited about that! You should be too!'

On top of hosting duties, Sgàire will also, of course, be serving up some sickening looks to give brunch-goers some life. But don't expect her to have planned them in advance. 'I usually change my mind a million times and then decide what to wear at the 11th hour so your guess is as good as mine! Last time I slept through my alarm and only had time to throw a corset over the top of my pyjamas, so the bar is pretty low. If I can get a good stacked lash on by 11am, I'll be happy.'

Sgàire Wood on the Art School's drag brunch: 'it acts as a platform for all forms of drag'

Performer Puke at February's event / c. Matthew Arthur Williams
As much as Sgàire and the Art School team try to make their spaces as LGBTQ+ friendly as possible, they are also aware that the Art School isn't specifically that kind of space. However, they try and use that as a positive thing. ' The Art School isn't a gay bar… so it's an interesting place to do and see drag.' She adds, 'It's cool to watch a crowd see certain kinds of drag for the first time.'

With the success of the Drag Brunch event at the Art School and the 'golden age' of drag continuing, will the event become a more regular fixture? 'I think it's a case of trying to make our queer spaces less intimidating, more accessible and as welcoming as possible to all kinds of people who need a safe place to gather and celebrate their identities. I hope going forward that Brunch at the Vic and other events like it can act as platforms for all forms of drag and contribute to bridging whatever gaps there might be in some way. So yes, I hope it becomes a more regular occurrence!'

Sgàire makes it clear that the future of these types of events depends on the drag community coming together to champion their similarities and diversity. 'Drag is obviously entertaining and enchanting but it's also a really important chance for LGBTQ+ people to get together and celebrate who they are regardless of their superficial differences. There's nothing sadder than a drag scene that feels divided.'

After a successful year for Sgàire with her duties at the Art School and personal endeavours (which included a spot of the List's Hot 100), we wondered what was next for her. 'Sadly, I'll be leaving my position at the Art School this summer, but like any other bad smell, I'm hoping to stick around in some shape or form. I'm excited by the opportunity to dedicate more time and energy to personal creative projects, but I have no idea what form they're going to take yet, so watch this space!' And so we will be watching.

Drag Brunch, Sat 27 April, The Vic Café Bar at The Art School

Drag Brunch

A daytime drag show that exercises its right to be neither breakfast or lunch. Hosted by Sgàire Wood with performances from Frans Gender and Jamie Crewe.