Joan Rivers' comic ageing

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 August 2008
Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers' comic ageing

Joan Rivers says she is getting funnier with age.

The outspoken comic has revealed that her act has improved as she has got older, and she is now more well-received than ever before.

She said: "People come up to me and say, 'You still got it.' Excuse me?! 'Better than ever,' I say. Age has freed me to say whatever I want."

Joan, 75, recently revealed she thinks everybody should have Botox, a type of wrinkle-filling injection, to maintain their youthful appearances.

She said: "Everyone should do Botox. Botulism is everywhere - in the air we breathe. I always say a little botulism never hurt anyone."

However, Joan - who is currently writing a book on plastic surgery entitled 'Men Are Stupid and Like Big Boobs' - admits there are dangers to going under the knife.

She added: "I'm writing a practical guide to it, about all the things that can go wrong. You must never forget that when you go under the knife it's a major operation. Take a good look around as you go under, you may not come round. So I look at the downsides and the upsides."

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