Darnell denies swearing

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  • 2 August 2008

Darnell defends actions to Lisa

Darnell told Lisa he has never been rude to her.

The pair debated their differences during a heated argument this morning (01.08.08) after 40-year-old Lisa told the rapper he had "pushed her away" in the past.

Darnell said: "I never did that. I've never said anything but nice things about you.

"Everyone who has left this house has had the same feelings about me, Kat and Rachel. And they're all wrong. Every time. And that's why I'm still here and that's why they have gone."

But Lisa argued, saying the US songwriter was not all sweetness and light.

She said: "You can be very rude at times, Darnell. But over the last few weeks I've been drawn to you. I feel like I'm getting to know you."

Lisa went on to recall a time she believes Darnell swore at her.

He replied: "I've never told you to f**k off. Ever. Other people but never you.

"The people I have told to f**k of, they should have a problem with me. But you know what? They don't."

Later, Darnell told Sara he needed to pass whatever task they were faced with today so he could get into the Heaven side of the house.

He said: "I would stab anyone in the back to get in there. I don't care."

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