Early bird Rex

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 August 2008

Rex woke up early for once

Rex woke up early for the first time this morning so he could kiss his girlfriend. The lazy chef - whose slumbering usually annoys fellow housemates as the alarm continues to sound until he is out of bed - leaped out of bed to be with Nicole, who entered the house last night (01.08.08).

Nicole said: "I can't believe you're up. You're never up, you're always like, 'murrgh!'"

Rex replied: "I wanted to see you."

But Mohamed - who Rex slammed for being "greedy" and "lazy" earlier in the week - agreed with Nicole.

He said: "Yeah, today's the first day he's actually up!"

Sara backed up her Somalian friend.

She said: "Love is in the air! Do you know what's so funny? With Rex, there's no way he'd be up now!

"Any alarm would still be going off because he's in bed. The other morning it was going off for an extra 40 minutes and we were all up. It was because of Rex!"

After his passionate embrace with his girl, Rex went back to his old ways and promptly fell asleep on the sofa.

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