Lisa's incredible sulk

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  • 2 August 2008

Lisa broke out of the house

Lisa smashed her way out of the 'Big Brother' house this morning (02.08.08, 12.10am). The stroppy former bodybuilder broke down a fire exit door and charged her way to freedom after the evening's events got too much for her.

She returned to the house 30 minutes later after a security guard stopped her and she was persuaded by a producer to go back in.

She told housemates afterwards: "I just flipped! I was like a bull, I couldn't help it. But I feel so much better now.

"I think I was just getting paranoid and stuff and I couldn't stand it, it's not like me. I'm going to try and stick it out.

"I was upset and I was missing Mario. My emotions - I feel totally out of control."

Lisa admitted she was jealous of Rex - who she had a heated row with earlier in the day - because he was reunited with his girlfriend.

Sara told the burly 40-year-old she was really pleased she came back and would have been sad if she had gone without saying goodbye.

She said: "Anyone else would have wanted to leave with Mario. You've done so well; you've got to stick it out.

"You're such a strong woman; it's not your time to go yet."

Rex's girlfriend Nicole - who entered the house last night (01.08.08) - chatted with Lisa and said she hoped she didn't cause her outburst.

A 'Big Brother' spokesman said: "The 'Big Brother' staff sat down with Lisa, had a chat with her and persuaded her to go back in."

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1. susie3 Aug 2008, 12:20am Report

lisa is just jealous and annoyed that shes not the one getting the attention

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