Timothy Olyphant recalls 'moment' shared with Luke Perry on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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  • 18 April 2019
Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino director of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Timothy Olyphant recalled the "moments" he shared with Luke Perry while filming 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' and hailed him as a "lovely guy" who he'll "miss"

Timothy Olyphant bonded with Luke Perry while filming 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'.

The pair met for the first time when they were cast as James Stacy and Wayne Maunder in the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film and the 50-year-old actor thinks his late pal – who died after suffering a stroke aged 52 last month – will be much missed at the movie's upcoming premiere.

Speaking to Variety, he said: "What a lovely guy. Just a lovely guy. I'm going to miss him at that premiere. I'm going to miss him. I'm going to miss him anyway."

"We just met on the film, but the two of us showed up, and we kept looking at each other like, 'How'd we get in? I don't know who let us in, but they let us in."

"There were so many moments where it just felt like the two of us would look at each other and we both had the same look on our face, which is, 'Not bad. Here we are.'"

Timothy went on to praise the 'Riverdale' star as "the best kind of actor" and a true "craftsman".

He said: "I haven't met anyone who's ever said a bad thing about the guy, and that was my experience hanging out with him and working with him. He was the best kind of actor. He was a craftsman."

The 'Santa Clarita Diet' star added that Luke – who had 18-year-old Sophie and 21-year-old Jack with ex-wife Rachel Sharp – was a family man who was "all about the work".

He said: "He was all about the work. No bulls**t. He showed up early and did his work, and we spent most of our time talking about our families and just enjoying the job. Just a lovely guy."

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

  • 3 stars
  • 2019
  • US / UK
  • 2h 45min
  • Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
  • Cast: James Marsden, Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio
  • UK release: 14 August 2019

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