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  • 1 August 2008

Darnell wore a skirt today

Darnell danced around in a skirt this afternoon (01.08.08).

The American songwriter donned the frilly white number and pranced around the bedroom, saying it felt great to be able to move around so freely.

Kathreya said: "Oh my God, Darnell! White skirt - it does bring your lollipop out!"

Darnell - who was also wearing his 'respect me' hoodie - continued to dance around for his fellow housemates.

He said: "It feels so loose! Like you can move!"

Kathreya said she shared Darnell's love for feminine clothing.

She said:"I love skirt and dress. I hardly wear any jeans."

Rachel added: "I wear jeans too much."

The girls told Darnell he looked "so sweet".

Darnell isn't the first housemate to cross dress.

Mikey, Dale and former housemate Dennis camped it up in bunny girl costumes while Lisa's boyfriend Mario wore a dress as his alter ego 'Mary'.

Father-of-one Stuart has also allowed evicted contestants Bex and Jennifer to paint his nails.

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