Kat grows stronger

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 1 August 2008

Kathreya is a stronger person for being in the 'Big Brother' house, according to Rachel.

The bubbly Thai masseuse was upset by the argument between Lisa and Rex this morning and was told by Darnell she shouldn't get so emotional about disputes.

She sought solace in the garden where Rachel told her she handled the situation very well considering how sad she usually gets when people shout at each other.

Rachel said: "Darnell worries that you care too much that it upsets you. He doesn't quite understand that you care about us, that's why you get upset. He doesn't think you're stirring.

"We were locked in the room and you couldn't walk away. You sat there and you didn't cry, panic, or get upset, you embraced it and you supported Rex."

The trainee teacher said she was "really impressed" and "proud".

She added: "You're becoming more independent and strong. You're kind, caring, and getting stronger. You're maturing in a lot of senses. In situations you're not panicking or crying all the time.

"This journey has been amazing for you so far."

Broody Kat was pleased with Rachel's kind words, adding: "When I come out, I might be able to be a mummy."

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