Darnell's eerie feeling

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  • 1 August 2008

Darnell believes he will go

Darnell feels "creeped out" by his fellow housemates' relationships with each other. The US songwriter revealed to Big Brother how uneasy he feels when other people in the house have intimate discussions without him.

He also said he believes he will be evicted tonight (01.08.08).

He told Big Brother: "I just got an eerie sense of foreshadowing, so I thought I'd come to the Diary Room right now.

"Basically, every housemate right now is engaged in some kind of activity with another housemate - various deep and meaningful conversations.

"Basically, everyone's got something going on right now and I feel like I'm the odd housemate out, wandering around lost with nothing to do."

He added: "I can't really fit myself in with any of the things that are going on right now - which, with tonight looming, might be a sign or something.

"I think that this week, it might be my time to go. I think it might be the best thing for the house."

Big Brother quizzed the rapper on why he feels he should leave.

He answered: "It just looks like the time. Before, I could never see myself not being here, but I'm looking around now and it feels like this of all times would be where it would make the least amount of difference."

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