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  • 1 August 2008

Lisa sorted things with Rex

Lisa had a chat with Rex about their argument this morning (14.10pm, 01.08.08). The pair sat down and talked through their differences after Lisa branded the arrogant chef as a "bully" and an "ass" earlier today.

She told the rich playboy there are "too many put downs" in his jokes and she regularly feels insulted by him and his "hatred for women".

She said: "I love banter and jokes, but yours just aren't appropriate."

But Rex said the only reason he has been making sarcastic comments about her is because he felt closer to her recently.

He added: "A lot of the housemates have been shocked by you today. They'll see you differently from now on."

Earlier, Lisa told Luke she was reluctant to clear the air with Rex, saying she doubts anything will be solved when they are both so stubborn.

She said: "It's all about Rex, this show. It's all about him, his restaurant and his hatred towards women."

The pair agreed they have a very different sense of humour.

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1. susie3 Aug 2008, 12:25am Report

yes im for that lisa glad you stood up but you might want to have a look in the mirror yourself .. dont forget when mario was around he made you look and took you for a fool but rex is a much bigger rat ever

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